Best Corporate Citizen Awards

The aim of the ECCB Best Corporate Citizen Award for commercial banks is for commercial banks which operate within the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union to demonstrate their corporate responsibility to the society and environment.

Good Corporate Citizen Awards are presented to the banks that are adjudged to have executed their corporate social responsibilities to the highest level in the areas of: Educational Development, Community Outreach and Social Services, Environmental Awareness, Sports, Cultural Development, Customer Service and Financial Education and Empowerment.

The Best Corporate Citizen Award is presented to the bank which demonstrates outstanding contribution to the social development of the ECCU through human resource development and sustained community outreach.

Judging Criteria

To be eligible for the Good Citizen Award and Best Corporate Citizen Award, banks must have programmes or initiatives that demonstrate sincerity, corporate social responsibility and have a positive impact on the community or country.


  • Scholarship assistance offered to citizens Support of adult education programmes
  • Comprehensive and affordable student loan programmes Promotion of computer literacy
  • Provision of career guidance for school leavers
  • Contribution to research initiatives


  • Support of local athletes through sponsorships of individuals, teams and leagues
  • Enhancing talents and skills of athletes through training and technical support
  • Participation as a team in sports leagues


  • Participation in recycling, beautification or clean-ups of the community
  • Assistance in disaster preparedness and response
  • Preservation of historic landmarks and artefacts and green areas
  • Company policies and practices ensure ethical and responsible conduct of business


  • Initiatives to promote better understanding of products/services offered by financial sector
  • Outreach programmes promoting entrepreneurship, savings and investments
  • Provision of small business credit and advisory services
  • Initiatives to educate citizens about asset management and protection


  • Sponsorship of carnival, concerts, music, art, dance, literary pursuits etc
  • Participation in carnival, concerts, music, art, dance, literary pursuits etc
  • Support of programmes to promote cultural development and preservation of cultural heritage


  • Donations to church, civic groups, community organisations
  • Assistance to social welfare institutions such as orphanages, nursing homes etc
  • Programmes for the disabled and physical accessibility (e.g. ramps)
  • Initiating or participating in programmes for the youth, elderly, unemployed, homeless and other vulnerable persons
  • Programmes to promote health and wellness


  • Clearly stated policies and best practices promoting customer service excellence
  • Customer feedback programmes/customer satisfaction surveys
  • Code of business ethics
  • Customer appreciation programmes, giveaways, special rates etc
  • Commitment to customer service excellence via the continued development of staff though on-going training •improvement of facilities and services: Internet banking, ATM services, senior citizens services

List of winners since inception of the initiative:

  • 2016  Republic Bank (Grenada) Ltd
  • 2015  National Bank Dominica Ltd
  • 2014  Bank of Saint Lucia Ltd
  • 2013  Republic Bank (Grenada) Limited
  • 2012  Bank of Saint Lucia Ltd
  • 2011  Republic Bank (Grenada) Limited
  • 2010  Bank of Saint Lucia Ltd
  • 2009  National Bank Dominica Ltd
  • 2008  Bank of Saint Lucia Ltd
  • 2007  Republic Bank (Grenada) Limited
  • 2006  Antigua and Barbuda Investment Bank Ltd
  • 2005  National Bank of Anguilla
  • 2004  National Commercial Bank Grenada Ltd
  • 2003  National Commercial Bank Grenada Ltd
  • 2002  Antigua and Barbuda Investment Bank Ltd
  • 2001  Antigua Commercial Bank
  • 2000  National Commercial Bank Grenada Ltd
  • 1999  Antigua Commercial Bank
  • 1998  National Bank of Anguilla
  • 1997  National Commercial Bank Saint Lucia
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